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Why Doggie Day Care?

We know you love your dog and you feel guilty everyday when you have to leave them home alone. We’re offering you an alternative to all that guilt! At Paws Dream Doggie Daycare we will give your dog hands-on loving care when you can’t.

Many dogs experience separation anxiety if they have to be alone all day. They may destroy furniture, bark non-stop or have accidents.

Paws Dream Doggie Daycare will allow you to finally have guilt free workdays. You will notice your dog will be very relaxed & happy after a day of playing in our indoor/outdoor play area. Your dog will be able to wrestle around with other dogs on our indoor padded rubber flooring or outside on our plush Astro Turfed surface, to get rid of all that pent-up energy, and will be happy just snuggling with you on the couch when they return home! We know that they need their rest as well, so be assured they will lay down and get some individual pampered time. We have doggie cots all around so that they can take a rest at their leisure.

The most beneficial part of dog daycare is that dogs will learn how to socialize with one another. The end result of course being a well-rounded dog that will interact well with their peers & humans!

How does your doggie become a Paws Dream Doggie? We are so happy you asked! We love meeting new Paws Dream family members!


Doggie Daycare

No more feeling guilty at work while your dog is sitting home all day filled with anxiety waiting for your return. No more need to worry about your dog being destructive or bored! When 5:00pm rolls around and you’re drop-dead tired after a long day at work… GUESS WHO’S READY TO PLAY… and when your ready to go to bed… GUESS WHO’S BEEN SLEEPING ALL DAY AND READY TO ROCK & ROLL! Drop off your loved one at Paw’s Dream Doggie Daycare and let them play all day with their friends so you’ll both be ready to sleep when the time comes.

Full Day Daycare
Monday-Friday 6:45am-6pm / Weekends 8am-5pm
$35.00 / day, one dog
$30.00/additional dog

Half Day Daycare
M-F 6:45am-12pm / Weekends 8am- 12pm
$30.00 / 1/2 day, one dog
$30.00/additional dog

Holiday Full Day Daycare
8am-5 pm
$50.00 / 1/2 day, one dog
$45.00/additional dog

Holiday Half Day Daycare
$40.00 / 1/2 day, one dog
$35.00/additional dog

$5 fee – early drop off (before 6:45am, no earlier than 6:30am)
$50 fee- silver monthly; $70 fee- Gold/Plat

$25 fee – late pickup(6pm-6:15pm) after 15 mins we will put your dog to bed for the night (B&B fee + late fee)


In-Home B&B

We also offer an In-Home B&B option for doggies that would prefer to sleep in a home/family setting. Doggies will go home after a day of daycare and sleep over with either Lindsey or Dee. This option has limited availability and is available upon request. In-Home B&B guests must be house trained.

Regular In-Home- Additional $35/night – two dogs- additional $45/night

Holiday In-Home- Additional $45/night – two dogs- additional $55/night


Bed & Breakfast

At Paw’s Dream you can rest assured that your dog will be pampered and well taken care of while you are away. Your dog will be romping around with all of their friends during the day and will hardly notice you’re away. No more anxiety sitting in the kennel just waiting for you to return. We do use crates at night because of all the running around all day… we want to make sure they get a restful nights sleep. Please feel free to bring their favorite blanket to give them that “home away from home” feeling. Because we are a cage-less facility during the day, all dogs boarding with us must pass the same requirements as doggie daycare clients.

Bed & Breakfast
6:45am – 12pm on day of pick-up
$60.00 / day, one dog
$50.00/additional dog

Holiday Bed & Breakfast
6:45am – 12pm on day of pick-up
$70.00 / day, one dog
$60.00/additional dog




Are you tired of fighting your pet in the bathtub? If so, let Paw’s Dream do the dirty work for you! After a day of fun at daycare, we’ll pamper your baby in our grooming spa and get them clean as a whistle for your arrival.

Baths include nail trim and ear cleaning.

Small dogs start at $30….mid size $35….labs & larger or long hair $40 and up

Specialty shampoos- add $5

Paws Dream Packages

Purchase a Paws Dream Club Membership and SAVE!!

Platinum Dream Club Includes:
Unlimited daycare (M-F)
$600 / month, one dog
$525 each additional dog – Daycare every day
– 1 Bath
– 2 nights of boarding, $40 each additional night

Gold Dream Club Includes:
$490 / month, one dog
$400 each additional dog
$50 / night for boarding, add dog $45/night
$30 each additional night over 10 days

Silver Dream Club Includes:
10 days of daycare (M-F)
$300 / month, one dog
$275 each additional dog
$50 / night for boarding, add dog $30/night
$30 each additional night over 10 days

*Please always ask for our current price list, as website prices may not always be updated

***All packages are monthly, they do NOT roll over, you MUST use them within the month. Baths must be done within the month. No refunds will be given if you do not use your whole package within the month***
***All packages MUST be paid by the 7th of every month. If you do not pay by the 7th you will be charged as day by day ($35/day) and will not be eligible to pay the club price. You may switch clubs monthly if your needs change.


At Paws Dream Doggie Daycare we make health & safety of our furry friends top priority! Each of our guests are carefully screened to ensure they play well with others & meet the following health & temperament requirements:

Must be up to date on the following vaccinations:
Rabies, Distmper combo, a negative fecal result within the past 3 months for new clients, kennel cough vaccine (Bordetella), on monthly heartworm preventative that also covers other internal parasites (recommend Interceptor Plus), as well as be on a flea and tick preventative.

If you have a puppy under 6 months old, they need to have at least 2 rounds of puppy shots (Distemper combo), Bordetella, and a negative stool result to start daycare. Rabies is required once 16 weeks old.

Spay/neuter by 9 months of age.

Dogs which are friendly & social around people as well as other dogs need only apply (Non-possessive of space & toys).

NOTE: Dogs joining us for our Bed & Breakfast only, still must also pass these requirements.

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